Hong Kong


Ecriture is located on the top floor of H Queen’s, Hong Kong’s latest development dedicated purely to the arts. Ecriture is a French Japanese fine dining restaurant by Le Comptoir Group with an exquisite menu designed by Chef Maxime Gilbert.

Inspired by the beauty of Kintsugi, a Japanese technique in restoring broken ceramics by highlighting its cracks in gold dust, embracing imprecation and the Japanese philosophy of “mindlessness” to encompass the concepts of non-attachment and acceptance of change and fate as part of our journey in life.

Our Kintsugi wallpaper is uniquely created for this project and though the aesthetics is not of our signature LALA CURIO colour ensemble, we loved the result, delicate yet powerful, meaningful with the philosophy of Kintsugi and timelessly elegant while having depth and texture created by the naturally ageing copper leaf. Painting with copper leaf is also a new technique that we have developed for the project. We love exploring and creating new finishes and designs inspired by our clients for collaborative creations.