Valentine Day Special Gifts


Valentine's Day Special Gift Picks

Here at LALA CURIO we have put together a collection of chic and fanciful decorative objects that will show the special person in your life how much your care. While Valentine’s Day only comes along once a year we have curated intricate home décor collectibles that will add a spark to your love forever. LALA CURIO believes that more is always more and less always falls short. Roses are beautiful but simple and chocolates will leave your partner with a lackluster feeling at the end of the day. And while other’s roses will die and wither and chocolates will go bad in time, your fanciful LALA CURIO gifts will flourish in the light of your love within your fashionable home interiors forever.


An old English proverb says – “Birds of a feather flock together”. What better way to prove how suited you really are then waking up to the magical chirps of our delicate hand painted decorative birds. Displayed as a chime, hung by the windows of your bedroom they are sure to make magical sounds waking you up from your sweetest dreams

Enchanted Roses

Nothing says everlasting quite like an enchanted rose. Straight from the fairytales, and a perfect way to show your partner they are truly royalty to you. And while other flowers wither and lose their petals, this mystical decorative rose will bloom forever, bringing a lingering love into your home interiors

Vintage Trinket Box

Our vintage trinket boxes have been delicately enclosed with decorative enchanted roses nesting amongst a pair of fashionable napkin rings to decorate your table top. This is an ideal purchase to showcase your eternal love for one another whilst decorating your interiors fashionably.

Big Hearts Paperweight

Spread the love throughout your interiors this Valentine’s Day by sharing a piece of your heart with someone you truly admire. Our intricately crafted ‘Big Hearts’ collection, allows you to find a perfectly suited heart. Exquisitely decorated, each of the happy, proud, and heart of flame paperweights are an ideal decorative gift.

Keepsake Photo Frame

This Valentine’s Day, our tailor made decorative photo frames make the perfect home decor to mark your love. This year LALA CURIO invites you to capture a memory and embody your love in one of our fanciful decorative frames. The first step is, selecting a frame from our home décor collection. Secondly, send a picture of you and your other half to LALA CURIO. Our team will, place your photograph in our custom designed message template and package your gift with a complimentary love note to really treat your special someone

Apple of My Eye

Our timeless Cloisonné Apples are precious pieces that have been made by the hands of artisans specializing in imperial Chinese crafts. Created with impeccable craftsmanship, so as your love remains, withstanding the tests of time, this fanciful Cloisonné gift will remain as well as a beautiful collectible for your home interior.