Dinner for Two



7 Enchanted Seduction Techniques to Use When Planning DINNER FOR TWO



The idea of conventional dining on Valentine’s Day is overrated and overplayed. On a day of love, I want to be in absolute bliss, in a fashionable interior setting I am at ease with, surrounded only by beautiful decorative objects. 

I have latched onto the idea of creating my own whimsical and playful Enchanted Valentines ensemble and as I continue to give it more thought, the Pre-Madonna instantly came out of me.

Before you head out in your beautifully embroidered cape to keep warm for your grocery shopping on this chilly February evening and get to making your delectable meal, allow me to whet your appetite further with my Seven Enchanted Seduction Techniques. These techniques will have your dinner date slipping out of his seat wishing Valentine’s Day came around more frequently.



Above you can see the LALA CURIO Enchanted Rose from out home décor line enclosed in our decorative vintage trinket boxes and photo frame placed on our dining table.


1. Take it outside the bedroom

Deciding where to set your table does not require too much thought. If the weather is good, why not take the festivities outside? Otherwise, select a well decorated area in your home that is intimate, cozy and close enough to the kitchen to allow the smell of your undoubtedly delectable meal to infiltrate the air.




Above is a table set decorated with playful and fanciful dinnerware from our home décor line



Moving into the living room, it is essential that you spend some time selecting your playlist for the evening. Personally, I think acoustics are the way forward and will add to creating a sensual aura when the object of your affection presents themselves. Check out our LALA CURIO Spotify account to assist you in assuring you arouse your date with our “Enchanted Valentine” playlist.





3. Make it glisten and glow

Creating an ideal mood for the evening will require you to consider dimming the lights. Truthfully, turn them off. Candles are the easiest way to transform the mood and with our dazzling candle holders and votives. The votives however, must be placed in a huddle of three around the dining table. This will honestly make you feel as though the stars have fallen into your home. I can assure you that the romantic ambiance will last all evening long.




4. Wooing

Don’t let the variety of enchantments distract you from the charm of a single, blooming rose. From our home décor shop LALA CURIO has prepared an enchanting rose that never withers for you. Strikingly red and understated, this charming decorative piece from our Enchanted Valentines Collection makes for the perfect table décor centerpiece.




5. Be thorough in your decisions

Pride yourself on keeping it classy, especially when it comes to hosting someone you admire. Attention to detail never goes unnoticed. Use only your finest China and crystal glasses. Japanese OBI runners or placemats, from our LALA CURIO home décor collection, will look stunning and bring your interior together effortlessly. Fabric napkins are a must-have for the table setting and look spectacular when tucked into a napkin ring.




6. Pop the bubbles

I live for good wine but on a day like Valentine’s Day I recommend one indulges in bubbly. My personal favorite Perrier-Jouët. It looks great on ice and even better when poured into a delicately crafted crystal glass and elegantly placed on LALA CURIO’s artisanal agate gold- leaf trimmed coasters.




7. Element of surprise

Necessary and unavoidable, is the selecting of the gift, wrapped to perfection before one can even consider handing it over. Thinking out of the box can be a hair pulling frustration and that is where LALA CURIO steps in. Our meticulously curated ‘My Enchanted Valentine Collection’ consists of unconventional intricately chosen whimsical and fanciful gifts that will have The Apple of Your Eye begging for more.