Chinese New Year



Celebrating Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is a fundamental traditional custom that celebrates the gathering of family and the sharing of good fortune. This celebration is a cherished staple of the Chinese culture and this year LALA CURIO wanted to embrace this tradition not only in our personal lives, but through our theatrical brand as well. We have created fashionable, auspicious Chinese crafts that one can undoubtedly use during this festive time to not only share with others but to ultimately decorate your home.


I always look forward to this time of year and although I am blessed enough to live in the same city as most of my family, I admit that we are often passing ships in the night. Although often busy with our own lives in the busy city of Hong Kong, we are always in each other hearts.

While developing this series of Chinese New Year collectibles embracing traditional crafts, I envision myself delivering this intricately curated gift to my loved ones. I wanted it to be personal, creative and memorable. I drew inspiration from my childhood, the red lacquer Candy Box brings back an immense feeling of nostalgia and fond memories from when I was young. And although personal to myself, this gift is ideal for everyone, because anyone can add their own personal touch to it.


Another gift I knew I needed to add to this collection were the decorative Cloisonné pieces. Similarly to our decorative tiles, each cloisonné piece is hand-crafted by our skilled artisans. Made of bronze wires meticulously bent into shape to form beautiful patterns, filled with enamel of succulent, vibrant colors to make a truly show stopping gift. These imperial Chinese crafts make an esteemed gift for a loved one this Chinese New Year


With a little LALA CURIO spark, allow us to guide you in dressing your gifts.


Pictured above is vibrant macaroons placed in the carefully crafted cloisonné ornaments.

Stylish Selection

I decided to branch out this year when it came to selecting what edibles I would dress my Candy Boxes with. During this process, I considered a few of the things to truly ensure it would be alluring and irresistible to anyone.


Colour Explosion

I wanted each person to be astounded by the vivid pigments and explosion of colour from the Jouer macarons when opening their box. Be mindful when selecting your colours. The Chinese culture plays close attention to the symbolism that colours carry. Selecting certain colours can be a rather creative and special way to wish a loved one luck, happiness or wellness.


Awakening Senses

Awakening my senses is what I kept in mind while hunting down appealing, tasteful and fashionable items to fill the boxes with. I had a great deal of fun experimenting with the different combinations of treats selecting only what looked utterly irresistible.