Wallpaper Guide


Dainty, Darling or Daring there is no doubt that there is a new kind of wallpaper coming to the interior design world…

LALA CURIO has always had a way with making bold, theatrical and whimsical presences within any interior we touch. We’ve become the experts of elegance and chic, creating interiors and products for people who enjoy the thrill of life. We are now expanding even further, adding the LALA CURIO playful touch into another aspect of interior design. This new addition to the family deserves to have a great welcoming to the world. Now you will be able to curate your own fashionalbe interiors with the whimsical essence of LALA CURIO with our new bespoke hand-painted wallpapers. But more importantly than that, our hand-painted decorative wallpapers will give you the chance to narrate your own story along the walls. You will be able to create your own narrative and character through our handpainted Chinoiserie wallpaper by adding things that you like, a favorite handbag or decorative special symbol. Our hand-painted silk wallpaper is gentle, yet bursting with vivid pigments that emit an adventurous element and your personal essence into any space. With dancing images surrounding you, there is no doubt that this fanciful backdrop will remind anyone of the days of their youth and thrust them into the sensational thrills of life.