Chinoiserie 2.0 Blog


Along with the vast and unique history of China, comes centuries of beautiful Chinese crafts. Chinoiserie is the European fantasy in oriental exoticism. Though the decorative style was hidden away from the rest of the world and only first appeared in mid-17th century and then popularized in the 18th century due to the rise in trade with China and East Asia. Characterized by exuberant decoration, asymmetry and a focus on leisure and pleasure, chinoiserie became a global phenomenon.


With the rise in neoclassicism in the 1760s, the fanciful approach to the art experience declined in popularity quite a bit. Yet, chinoiserie never went out of style. It took some time but a revival hit in Europe and the States from the mid-19th century through the 1920s giving Chinoiserie a permanent home in design. The respected and much loved thematic art style can today be seen in elite design and fashion all around the world. The adoration for Chinoiserie is worldwide, but for me it’s always been close to home. My family is made up of three-generations of expertise in craft furniture as well as a deep knowledge and love for decorative Chinese crafts. I studied and explored the forgotten crafts in remote parts of China before creating my brand so I could fully understand and appreciate this beautiful artisanship. I studied the lost art of cloisonné, which I would later incorporate into my decorative tiles and other home décor products. I also learned about the making of hand painted Chinoiserie wallpapers, which would in the future inspire an entire Chinoiserie collection of decorative bespoke wallpapers.



I have taken what I have learned from studying and observing the making of ancient Chinese crafts and incorporated them into my brand. After observing artisans bend bronze wires and fill their designs with the vibrant enamel to crafted beautiful pieces of cloisonné I was inspired. LALA CURIO has created multiple collections of cloisonné tiles and incorporated them in numerous aspects of design. Our decorative cloisonné tiles adorn walls, frame vanities and even decorate tabletops. And we didn’t stop there, drawing inspiration from Chinoiserie and adding our own whimsical and theatrical essence to the artisanship LALA CURIO wallpapers, furniture and home décor were born.

At LALA CURIO, we strives to celebrate the charmed, poetic dialogue translating into today’s living with a traditional, whimsical approach that has been embraced by the world for centuries. Our playful contemporary style in interior designs balance the ancient artisanship, collected from different cultures across time, and the scene of modern everyday living to curate unique creations for individuals.