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Incorporating primitive designs into modern space has become a big trend in recent years and the art of combining these two very different styles in a way that creates an appealing space should be shared. For this mission, we had to leave our home of Hong Kong and traveled the world and collected the best handcrafted primitive home décor from Africa. We left our beloved Chinese crafts behind, as to add a global ambiance to your home decor and bring the craftsmanship and artistry of the world to your home.



Our African Tribal Collection reflects our fascination with the unique and diverse culture of the sub-saharan region. The origin of African art has existed long before recorded history. Crafted from wood and other natural materials, each artifact has a remarkable level craftsmanship and reflects a particular tribe and culture.


In today’s contemporary living, the spirit of traditional art is retained at LALA CURIO. Reshaping ceremonial and abstract tribal works into a captivating heirloom for the home. Each piece celebrates the beauty of the human figure, expressive individualism, spirituality and ceremonial dance.

These limited edition masks, hats and statues can be discovered at LALA CURIO. Each piece adds intrigue, history and conversation to modern day interior design.



African Statue


Add depth and warmth to any room with unique statues. With a timeless Allure and rich history, these pieces captures the spirit of Africa.


African Masks


Delight your walls with handcrafted wooden masks that are a celebration of life and human expression.

                                                                                                                                                      Photo credit from: Thorn & Burrow



Juju Hats


Vibrant and striking Juju hats celebrate the beauty of birds and dance. A symbol of prosperity that can be transformed into a wall hanging.



Incorporating these ancient African crafts into contemporary spaces may not be the most obvious, but after understanding the depth of the incredible artifacts crafted by skilled artisans we knew we wanted to take on that challenge. LALA CURIO already has its own whimsical and theatrical style with blending traditional Chinese crafts with a contemporary interior design outlook. All of the fashionable interiors and home décor we design contain our long beloved whimsical and chic LALA CURIO spirit. All of which was quite different than many of the tribal crafts we came across in our travels. It was not easy thinking of a way to blend together the two unique genres, but in the end we crafted something beautiful. By using our fanciful colors can African tribal patterns we seamlessly tied the African artisanship into our interior spaces. Still holding on to our fanciful and theatrical design style, we incorporated these ancient African crafts and artisanship to create a LALA CURIO space.




Have any of you ever tried to incorporate any tribal art into your interior?