Paris Blog


Is there a better time to be in Paris than during the fall? Mid-September when the locals are back from their summer holidays and thinning crowds of travelers allow you to experience Paris in its most authentic state. But any interior design lover knows the true reason Paris is its best at this time: Maison et Objet. Anyone who is anyone in the interior design world will be there. All the best and brightest minds in interior design from across the globe are attracted to Paris for Maison et Objet. You can tell just by walking down the street that the designers are in town and we have taken over; there’s a certain distinct elegance and level of chic flowing through the city.

We have been preparing for this event for months. Refining our newest creation and perfecting it to be presented at Maison et Objet. This year was all about ‘Flora and Fauna’, introducing our new bold, bright and fanciful collection to the interior design world.

Our beautifully embroidered and hand-painted wallpaper, breathing life onto the walls of homes and businesses for years, will now transcend onto our beloved decorative boxes. I was excited knowing that at this event we would be showcasing our brand to some of the biggest minds in interior design. The booth we created was everything I could have imagined; fanciful, chic and perfectly showcasing everything LALA CURIO embodies. We stuck out in the best kind of way. Anyone who enters Hall 7 was gravitated to our theatrical booth. It was surreal, like bees on honey- flocking to our stand. Everyone was astounded by our remarkable craftsmanship, admiring our decorative Cloisonné tiles, bespoke hand painted wallpaper with intricate embroidery and most importantly our embellished hand painted decorative boxes. And amongst the people was our dream buyer, Bergdorf Goodman. It was a childhood dream to not only have my work admired by buyers of such exquisite taste, but to also have our creations in their magical world. There, in Hall 7 at Maison et Objet, my dreams turned to reality and a beautiful partnership was formed.

Our decorative boxes, inspired by our bespoke embellished silk wallpaper, stole the show at Maison et objet in Paris and now, after catching the eye of Bergdorf Goodman, has reached across the world into the States. We crafted a special Flora and Fauna collection to be exclusively showcased by Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury goods department store, located in the heart of New York. Our fanciful designs used to adorn only the walls of fashionable interiors are now transformed onto upholstered boxes with suede interiors ready to wow the taste-makers of New York City.

We curate each of our decorative boxes to have a distinctive style, creating something for each individual. At LALA CURIO, we enjoy putting a twist on traditional Chinese artisanship with a whimsical and theatrical approach, making our works relevant to our clients. We enjoy telling our story through our pieces, whether it be through the different textures and designs of our embellished wallpaper, cloisonné tiles, or decorative boxes. We want our clients to be able to have our craftsmanship help tell a piece of their own story. Soon, we hope to have you tell your story, whether it be in the heart of Hong Kong, or across the world.